2022 Social Media Marketing Trends

2022 Social Media Marketing Trends

The main social media goals for marketers in 2022 will be reaching out to new audiences, growing engagement with customers, and boosting customer service according to research completed by HubSpot. Previously, these goals focused more on boosting sales and advertising products.

live video

Live Videos

Various brands are going live nowadays so they can understand their customers’ problems and interact with them. Ever wonder why live videos are the way to go? It’s because it’s more engaging rather than content posting. Although the attention of people nowadays is very low, a little bit of human interaction is still preferred.

Behind the scenes and ‘chill chit chat’ are the most commonly used live video methods. Don’t assume that audiences wanted a professional setting when doing live videos. Audiences out there prefer to see the reality or day-to-day setting of the business. As a business owner, you can share how you prepared your customers’ orders, tutorials of products, etc. The live session should be very engaging, asking the audience to comment in the live session, for instance.

conversational ai

Conversational AI

Brands integrate their social media pages with chat bots to provide real-time customer support. Automate as much as you can as it is very efficient. You can prepare a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for your business. Customers will have the choice to pick from the FAQs to get their questions answered.

This reduces the amount of time and money companies need to spend on support since they don’t have to hire people to handle customer queries. Importantly, you need to be able to verify what are the common questions that your customers always ask. With this, you will be able to provide a solid list of FAQs in your chatbots.

short videos

The Rising of Short Video

Producing short-form videos gives you the freedom to create videos that are relatable and impactful without the overhead of putting together more in-depth content. As mentioned earlier, attention span for social media audiences have decreased significantly. Hence, short videos are a live savior for content creators nowadays. It can simply be a slideshow of your product features, a simple edited video through Instagram or TikTok itself. The key is short videos are better over the normal content posting.

24 hours content

Increase Use of Temporary Content (FB story / IG Story)

Temporary content is something with a short duration and disappears within 24 hours. This type of content is used by brands to establish relationships with customers and promote their products.

Temporary content started to be trending when Snapchats started it, followed by Instagram in 2016. Instagram story or Facebook story is good for daily posting, reposting your content from your main feed and also reminder of a live session etc. You can be as creative as you want when posting stories as it is less formal compared to the feed post. The best thing now, you can also save the stories in the ‘Highlights’ session. This means, whoever missed the previous content, you can always refer it back to the Highlight session.

influencer marketing

The Popularity of Influencer Marketing

This marketing trend will skyrocket in the coming years. Do not wait until your competitors collaborate with them to partner with influencers in your industry. Do it now before your competitors do.

You need to research which influencers that actually suit your nature of business. Always be mindful when choosing one influencer as not to choose solely based on their number of followers or engagement. The influencer that we choose needs to resonate with our branding. Then, the content that we want the influencer to share will reach the correct audience that we aimed for.

In a nutshell, social media marketing trends will always evolve with time. Unique and memorable content will stay on. Find your business specialty and utilize these trends at its best potential.

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