4 Steps to Building Your Personal Branding

4 Steps to Building Your Personal Branding

You are the face of your brand. Your personal brand differentiates you from others. Whenever you do something, say something, or post something online, people are deciding if they trust you and want to do business with you. The trust from your audience is the key of personal branding.

identify your personal value

1. Identify your personal values

Who else knows yourself better than yourself. You need to identify what values (good ones, of course) that you want to share to your audience which is your potential customers.

Building a personal brand makes people feel more comfortable, as if they know you! It establishes trust in your audience, employees, potential prospects or anyone else who you come into contact with. Having a personal brand also clearly defines what your genuine intentions are, which is key when building trust. The trust built can add the confidence in a person and eventually change into sales.

Always keep in mind, building trust is a process and it will take time. Once you manage to gain the trust, you will be able to gather a pool of people that notice your values and brand after that.

evaluate your online presence

2. Evaluate your online presence

Spend some time figuring out how you “look” on social media and make sure your appearance matches how you want to appear. You will always want to look good for your online presence.

Find a persona that people can relate to you, such as young entrepreneur, mompreneur, active person, etc. The persona does not necessarily need to be related to your business. You can share things that you love to do in real life, and that’s where your reputation is built.

As your reputation builds, you will get more exposure, leading to a positive influence and great referrals. After all, you’re the best at what you do, right? Build a network of people that you value and care about and build relationships. When they realize you care about them they will start to care about you, it’s a typical human reflex towards another human being.

create a website or blog

3. Create a website or blog

You can increase your online presence by using a website or blog. Create a blog as a first step if you’re still unsure. To start blogging is free and you can do it in your free time, at your pace. Your blog is a medium for you to talk leisurely and talk about things you love to do in your life. To add on, you can share about what you have blog on your social media platform. Not only you can ‘recycle’ your content, it helps to extend your online presence on other platforms.

As for website, use your website not only to build your brand but to add value to your audience. This is your platform to showcase your skills and experience, and also to share valuable advice with your audience. Create a logo and theme for yourself, and keep it consistent throughout all your social media profiles.

get involved with brands

4. Get involved with other brands

Relationships with other brands determine your personal brand. Find brands that can help you build your brand. You can collaborate with influencers to grow your personal branding. How does it work?  By engaging with influencers, your business will reach a larger audience. More followers usually means more engagement

Find the best influencers to participate, the ones that are related to your business of course. Pay attention to their talking points to their audience and what their target audience is. If everything fits, engage with them and they can start promoting your products.

Start to create your own personal branding consistently from now on. Personal branding is a combination of the skills and values that make you different from others. Remember, you should focus on what makes you unique and memorable.

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