5 Product Categories to Sell in 2022

5 Product Categories to Sell in 2022

2022 is a better year and year of hopefulness after dreading two years of Covid-19. Obviously, we’re not past the Covid-19 phase, but we’re moving towards it. And now you have finally decided to open an e-commerce store but you are still wondering what products are trending now? Or more specifically, what are the trending products in 2022? The e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is projected to reach US$ 67,640 million in 2021. The data clearly indicates tremendous opportunities that lie ahead for e-commerce players.

home decor items

Furniture and home decor items

Home decor items confirmed their trend during 2020 with a market value of $641.4 billion and, although these products have become trending during the pandemic period, this growth is not destined to slow down. The forecast is of constant growth of 4,8% between 2021 and 2026.

If you thought the furniture was something people like to buy offline instead of online, you might be mistaken. Post Covid-19 has changed the trend for  furniture (factory-made or DIYs), which is a timeless category of popular products to sell online.

As shoppers started spending more time at home, they started looking to spice up their living spaces. Ergonomic chairs, desks, home furniture and bedding products therefore quickly became one of the trending searches on popular marketplaces.

sustainable products

Sustainable products

Nowadays, consumers are more exposed and aware of efforts to reduce their carbon footprint as to reduce the consequences of climate change.

Laptop sleeve made of cork

Among the items that people consider buying is such soft, resistant, and biodegradable, a laptop sleeve made in cork is a fairly new product with high potential considering that the laptop market goes into an estimated CAGR growth of 31% between 2022 and 2028.

Compostable phone cases

The same interest is increasing also for compostable phone cases. There are many phone cases in the market, but there aren’t many that are sustainable cases. In the USA, they have brands like Casetify who sold sustainable phone cases, so why not South east Asia countries also came out with sustainable pieces.

Other than that, tech products and accessories built with environmentally friendly materials, for this reason, are something to evaluate when it comes to launching a new business since it can be the right time to create a solid brand for the years to come.

healthcare products

Healthcare products

Due to the pandemic, the interest of people in self-care and health products has been  increasing during 2021 and this growth will continue also in 2022. Healthcare products or supplements like green powder and detox tea and juice will be among the products you should consider selling under this category.

Green powder

Green powder what? Sounds disgusting? Hold up, it’s a supplement extracted from vegetables, seaweed, and probiotics that boosts the immune system and helps reduce chronic disease risk; it also contains tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The consistent worldwide trend of this product proves that it is a stable trending product to sell online, especially in this post Covid-19 period where people are very concerned about their health.

Detox Tea and Juice

There are several different types of teas and juices that have been found to have detox benefits. In general, people always want to look good and one definition of looking good is to stay slim or skinny. Through years of research, not only do they want to be slim, but they want it to be a fast and hassle-free process. Detox tea and juice is obviously a good example as you eat food of your liking and end up throwing it away by the end or the next day, losing weight over a period of time.

fashion and jewelry

Fashion & Jewelry

Have you ever planned on entering fashion e-commerce? If yes, accessories are one of the best products to choose from. You should look out for bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and scarves, as they are always going to be in fashion regardless of the weather and season.

Minimalist fashion

Have you ever heard about less is more? There are tons of jewelry sold online, whether from big brands or from marketplaces. But, the market for minimalist fashion may not be wide enough, at least at the moment. Why not, research on minimalist jewelry pieces that can actually spice up the market now. Like mentioned earlier there’s a variety of jewelry that you can choose to sell, with affordable prices.

Leggings and shapewears

Shockingly, leggings and shapewear were used as innerwear earlier. However, with time they have become a must-have in every person’s closet. Shapewears have been made famous with big celebrities like Kim Kardashian, with her own brand, Skims. Entrepreneurs can always research and find the best materials to make shapewears, of course with reasonable prices. The trend in the sale of leggings has gone higher in the past few years and will continue only after something more prominent comes into existence.

beauty products

Beauty products

Consumers are now seeking brands that are as transparent in their ingredient list as they are natural in their products. In a Neilsen research study, the company found that beauty industry consumers are flocking to more natural and objectively simpler products. But rather than simply accept brands’  definitions of what’s natural, consumers are deciding for themselves.

Sales of cosmetics products that are both free from parabens and claim to be natural  are

growing five times as fast as those just meeting the paraben-free specification. A Harper’s Bazaar  poll of more than 1,000 women across all ages, races, and ethnicities, discovered more than 60% of women would be willing to spend on new brands if they were offering natural products. New sustainable brands also attracted the interest of 55% of those surveyed.

If you feel starting your own business is a big risk, you can opt for dropshipping another brand’s product. It is a safer option as it does not require you to have big capital or even keeping stocks with you.

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