5 Things That Shouldn’t Stop You From Starting A Business!

5 Things That Shouldn’t Stop You From Starting A Business!

An Expensive Website

Creating your own website might be expensive, but there is a free marketplace to let you create your own online store and have your own domain. So there is no excuse for you to start a business online!

  • WhyQ eBiz ( Free App) 

whyq ebiz for business

WhyQ eBiz is a store manager application for small businesses which allows you to build your own website URL in 60 seconds and you get to share your e-Store links to your existing or potential customers and also promote e-Store links to social media to get business anytime. It also sponsors you UNLIMITED PROMO CODES for your customers to get discounts.

To choose the best platform one should have a huge customer base and also the least commission charge. WhyQ eBiz have a huge local customer base and also with no commission charges and no hidden fees at all! Sellers had grown their sales an EXTRA 500% on a monthly basis with the WhyQ eBiz app!

An Expensive Designers to Create Your Brand

To hire a designer to design your brand and logo is way more expensive than designing it yourself. So, why not do it yourself ? You can use those free design websites to design your brand and logo! For example:



Canva is free to use and open for everyone. You can use it for creating compelling designs for social media, marketing campaigns, or projects and even your logo. Canva has a library of different backgrounds, templates, images, fonts, stickers to ensure that you get the best results. You don’t have to be a techie to use these features. In just a few clicks, you can create an engaging design with these tools. The only thing you need is creativity!



Visme is a free cloud-based visual content creation and collaboration platform, empowering anyone to create professional, branded content no matter their design background. It democratizes digital communication and storytelling into visually engaging content. What traditionally took hours and professional experience can now be created in a fraction of time with little to no design knowledge, enabling users to combine text, images, video, and audio into web and mobile friendly visual content into engaging Presentations, Infographics and short animations.

An Expensive Delivery Rate

You may have worried about the delivery rate of your parcel because most of them are covered by the seller. But this problem had the best solution! Which is using EasyParcel!

  • EasyParcel

easy parcel

Exabytes and EasyParcel  is an ​​Online Booking Platform for Courier Services with discounted delivery rate for all. It provides web-based courier services that allow users to check for delivery rate and book for delivery services from multiple courier companies in Malaysia.  Why use EasyParcel? EasyParcel provides:

  • Door-to-Door Collection
  •  Next Day Delivery
  • Basic Insurance Coverage up to RM300
  • One Account to Access Multiple Courier Companies in Malaysia
  • No Deposit Required
  • No Minimum Commitment
  • Reverse Pick Up at NO Additional Charges
  • Save More on Every Delivery.

An Expensive Accountant to do your Bookkeeping 

Bookkeeping is the important part of a successful business but hiring an accountant to do bookkeeping might be a burden for a small business. The solution for this problem is doing it yourself by using a bookkeeping application.

  • WhyQ KiraKira (FREE APP)

whyq kirakira app

The best and easy to use bookkeeping software for small businesses. This app helps vendors to record and monitor daily transactions and sales reports. Business Owners & Finance Accounting Role can now manage all sale & purchase records easily, track daily sale & purchase balance without any calculator and traditional sales record methods using WhyQ KiraKira.

An expensive Digital Ads

Paid digital ads might be a burden to most small business owners. There is a solution for this if you want to start your small business at zero cost which is using organic social media.

  • Organic Social Media

organic social media

Organic social media is free content (posts, pictures, videos, memes, Stories, and so on) that all users, including businesses and brands, put on their feeds. When you publish organically to your account as a brand, you can anticipate the following people to view it:

  • A part of your followers (also known as your “organic reach”)
  • Followers of your followers (if they choose to share your post)
  • Followers of any hashtags you use

Organic social media is the best approach to nurture a connection with your customers at scale, and it’s the reason that it’s the core of any digital marketing plan today.

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