5 Tips to Help You Stay On Top of Account Receivable

5 Tips to Help You Stay On Top of Account Receivable

The best way to manage accounts receivable is consistently and regularly. Each transaction in retail is promptly paid for. Customers apply for a credit line in other industries, and then they place orders using the credit line. Along with the delivered product, the customer receives an invoice with payment terms that are due later.

Regardless of your accounting system, making sure payment is made is essential. Here are five tips to help you stay on top of your accounts receivable:

Get in touch with your clients

get in touch

Jason Stine, business development manager for collection services provider CRF Solutions, offered advice on fast and routine client communication in a Transworld Business Advisors piece.

Keep track of transactions; Stine noted that due to little or inadequate client engagement, more nonpayment mistakes occur in the first 60 days following delivery.

Establish a reliable internal procedure

reliable procedure

Establish a procedure for handling accounts receivable and follow it religiously. Choose a weekday to create, print, and mail invoices on. Printing an outdated accounts receivable report and contacting customers who have passed their payment-term window should be done another day. You might need to divide these responsibilities among several persons as your small business expands if you want to keep track of all the accounts.

Verify receiving invoices


A week after issuing an invoice, many businesses find success in getting in touch with the customer to confirm receipt. Sometimes documents are mistakenly deleted from email inboxes or lost in the mail. You can also ask for feedback on the service you received by making a brief enquiry about the bill’s receipt, showcasing your exceptional customer service abilities.

Extend credit with reasonable conditions

extend credit

Thanks to modern technology advancements, businesses can get paid before delivering an order. However, that would not always be feasible with service-based businesses and expensive goods.

Have the client apply for a credit line in those circumstances. You will be able to assess their capacity to pay and establish a credit limit that feels appropriate.

Additionally, it gives both parties the chance to confirm their understanding of the payment terms and what will happen if the account becomes past due.

Keep detailed records

keep detailed records

Accounts receivable records support your bookkeeper’s weekly or monthly financial statement inputs and your accountant’s tax preparation. Keep a record of the order, discussions, and terms from the moment you make contact with a client. In the worst event, that documentation will be crucial if you need to seek payment through a court or collection agency.

The money you receive through your accounts receivable procedure is the fuel that keeps your business running. A company’s growth can be stunted by inconsistent attention to the work, but a seamless process produces a well-fueled machine that can accomplish all of its objectives.

Use bookkeeping software

bookkeeping software

It might take a lot of time to organize and maintain all of your accounts receivable and payable, as well as to create and send invoices, confirm their receipt, and follow up on overdue invoices.

For recording transactions and monitoring accounting data, many small firms utilize bookkeeping software, which offers a user-friendly, well organized interface.

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