5 Top Bookkeeping Software for Small Business Owners Malaysia

5 Top Bookkeeping Softwares for Small Business Owners Malaysia

Bukku Accounting

bukku accounting

Bukku is a simple local-based software, tailoring its offerings to small business owners in Malaysia. They have powered over 1,600 companies in Malaysia. From your business dashboard through invoicing, getting paid online, documenting expenses & claims, stock control, managing fixed assets, bank reconciliation, and complete accounting software for your year-end submissions, Bukku has you covered!

WhyQ KiraKira

whyq kirakira

WhyQ KiraKira is a free bookkeeping application. You can get it with zero cost, no commission charge and totally no hidden fees at all! The best and easy to use bookkeeping software for small businesses. This app helps vendors to record and monitor daily transactions and sales reports with their easy-to-use features. Business Owners & Finance Accounting Role can now manage all sale & purchase records easily, track daily sale & purchase balance without any calculator and traditional sales record methods using WhyQ KiraKira. It helps you to manage your business transactions easily with features to record and view your sales and expenses, and automated reminders via social media to collect payments from customers. WhyQ KiraKira has helped over 20,0000 businesses in Malaysia.


Biztory is the digital accountant you’ll never want to fire. Widely recognised by accountants, Biztory is one of the leading cloud accounting software & invoicing system for small businesses in Malaysia. They are trusted and used by more than 6,000 SMEs and individuals with no accounting experience.



If you have no accounting experience, Financio can help. Financio is constructed and designed with SMEs in mind. So, you don’t need to be an accountant to use it. You may rest assured that the transition from traditional office paperwork and manual bookkeeping to online documents and soft copies kept on the simple software will be seamless. Financio has everything you need to move your previously offline accounting tasks and business account to the cloud, thanks to their emphasis of bringing business accounting automation to local micro and small firms.


sqlSQL Account is a complete suite of GST-accredited accounting software aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia. It’s a cloud-based platform that contains all accounting features and functions, including as receivable accounts, billing, invoices, GST Tax administration, and reporting.

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