5 ways to Create an Attractive WhyQ Profile

5 ways to Create an Attractive WhyQ Profile

Shop Logo

shop logo

Make a logo that embodies what you’re selling. For example, a store selling children’s clothing could have a colorful and entertaining logo. On the other hand, a cheerful logo might not be appropriate for an office supply store.

Cover photo

cover photo

The cover photo is the first thing customers see when they enter your store. Choose an image that encapsulates your brand’s soul. Use a 2:1 aspect ratio image to achieve the greatest match.

Shop name

shop name

Choose a unique and memorable shop name that accurately expresses your store and items.

Product Image

product image

Attractive images presenting your business and items will capture customers’ attention. Upload an attractive image to impress customers.

Product Description & Categorized Product

product description

Sort your products into ‘MOST POPULAR’ and ‘CURRENT PROMO’ categories to ease the buying process of your customer. Besides that, give a thorough description of your products to let customer know more about your products.

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