6 Holiday Marketing Ideas for E-Commerce Brand

Do you need some inspiration for your holiday marketing campaign in 2022? Do you struggle to come up with promotional ideas for seasonal events? Let us share some ideas for you to kick start before the end of the year.

be creative with email marketing

Be Creative with Your Email Marketing

Holiday season competition is particularly fierce, and your clients’ inboxes will be overrun with exclusive New Year’s marketing promos and limited-time offers. Jumping on the bandwagon is acceptable, but if you want to stand out, why not do something different?

You could, for instance, send a holiday to-do list to your clients (with a few links to your products or services). It’s a straightforward but lovely Christmas or promotion that doesn’t appear overly salesy. There are numerous chances to promote your business and entice customers to make purchases from you.

offer early & last minute offer

Offer Something for Early & Last-Minute Shoppers

Some people put a stop to it by completing tasks more than two months early. Others wait until the last minute to do their holiday buying (unless these buyers are simply watching for last-minute discounts). Whatever goods and services you provide, the majority of your customers probably fall into one of these categories. And if you are aware of their difficulty and help them, they will be quite appreciative.

Start your holiday marketing and promotions as early as mid-November to reach the early birds. It may be a beautifully designed holiday catalog or an added incentive for making a purchase before a certain day. Praise kindness and thoughtfulness, and people will think of you the following year when it comes time to shop for the holidays.

On the other hand, last-minute buyers require certainty more than praise. They will also value the availability of express delivery options, a wide selection of pre-packaged gift sets, and possibly the chance to request a customized consultation to help them decide on a gift more quickly. Targeting your local community makes sense because these buyers value time highly. You’ll be able to complete everything on time and please your customers if you do it this way.

use hashtag

Use Hashtags

You may employ this holiday marketing plan depending on your business and items. If you’re spending money on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you should concentrate on developing ads that have a seasonal theme in the ad language or the actual ad. To accentuate the festive season, your ad content can read, “Get the ideal gift this season.”

This approach can also be applied to your content. You might, for instance, write a number of blog pieces or social media status updates with a Christmas theme. A company might start a “Elf on the Shelf” series for their social media, while a supermarket might use their blog to feature dishes and decorations.

festive ads

Produce Festive Ads

You won’t want to pass up the chance to connect with potential customers and influence current ones on these platforms given that 81 percent of consumers have a social media presence.
Utilize hashtags on websites like Twitter and Instagram. On Facebook, you can use hashtags, but they’re not as common or beneficial there. You should only use hashtags on platforms that benefit from them, for this reason.

You may let people know about your specials and promotions by using hashtags. By making a hashtag that customers may use when sharing a picture or status about your product, you can also promote user-generated content. You can attract new customers this holiday season who are shopping for the ideal gift by using the correct hashtags.

Follow your industry’s specific shopping patterns for the best outcomes. What appears to be the top holiday wish among your customers this year? To increase discussion about your company on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, use hashtags.

give back to customers

Give Back to your Customers

A significant aspect of the holiday season is giving. Why not reward your consumers with a freebie, a helpful guide, or a fun holiday event (and motivate them to return!)
As part of your seasonal marketing initiatives, you can run the following additional holiday promotions:

Even if you don’t have much to offer, you may still express gratitude! Send existing clients an email of gratitude and inform them about your holiday activities, deals, and loyalty programmes.

The holiday season, while enjoyable, can also be quite stressful and taxing on people’s finances, especially this year. When a company goes above and above to express a little love to the employees who keep it going, customers truly appreciate it. Create offers, giveaways, or freebies that will assist the weary shopper on their journey. To show your consumers a little extra appreciation, you can also organize an Instagram Christmas giveaway.

You can design loyalty programmes or awards that are timed to coincide with particular holidays. During the Christmas season, there is a general increase in foot traffic, and the additional allure of a loyalty or rewards programme may be enough to convince onlookers to stop by or choose you over a rival.

market your brand

Market Your Brand

Additionally, it’s crucial for your business to market your brand during the holiday season. When you concentrate on promoting both your brand and your products, you may make a lasting impression on customers. For instance, if your business prioritizes creating environmentally friendly items, customers may be more likely to choose you over a rival.

If your business provides excellent customer service, you can also leverage it as a USP for your brand. This form of USP not only exemplifies the ideals of your business but also what users may anticipate from you as a client. Give your company’s brand presentation more thought before the busy holiday buying season. Spend extra time on your branding so that your customers have more of an incentive to patronize your company, especially as the holidays approach.


The holiday season may be the busiest time of the year for marketers, but it’s also a fantastic chance to increase year-end sales and brand recognition. You should be able to identify the ideal holiday campaign idea using our list. It’s now time to start making plans! Just remember to enjoy yourself while doing it.