6 Starter Guides to Instagram Marketing

6 Starter Guides to Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is a type of social media advertising in which marketers use the Instagram platform to promote their brands.
It can sound vague to say that someone should “promote their business,” but that’s only because Instagram marketing can encompass a wide range of different methods and tactics that can be utilised to accomplish a variety of goals for a business.

instagram business account

Set up an Instagram business account

As easy as beginning the process of setting up an Instagram business account. You can have access to special business features with an Instagram business profile, including in-depth Instagram analytics, the capacity to provide contact information, and more.
Follow the steps below to set up your account:
1. Download the Instagram app on your phone.
2. Sign up by entering your email address (if you already have a Facebook business page, it’s a good idea to link the two profiles—in that case, you should tap on “Log in with Facebook”).
3. Choose a username and password.
4. Tap on “Settings” in the app and scroll down to Switch to business account to set up a free business profile.
5. Enter details related to your business, like business hours, email address, physical address (if relevant) or a phone number.
6. If you already have a personal account, where you’ve previously shared content relevant to your business, you can simply convert it to an Instagram business account.

descriptive bio

Write a descriptive bio

Okay, let’s get to the basics. Your Instagram bio will be the first thing people see when they search for you using keywords. It is like you giving the best impression when going for a job interview.
The bio description area, which people see first when visiting your business page, is the most crucial component of your company’s Instagram profile. Instagram users can introduce themselves in the bio by briefly describing who they are, what they do, and what they have to offer.
Due to the 150 character restriction, inventiveness is essential in this section. It must have a pleasing appearance and be both educational and simple to read. Ensure few important things like using the suitable username and profile photo, shortened website link, some emojis, call to action and hashtag.

engaging social media conten

Create Engaging Social Media Content

The most crucial element of your Instagram strategy is content. Why would you read if the content is lacking? You should produce content that is congruent with the identity of your brand and about which you are passionate.
Make sure you use the appropriate image sizes if you want your Instagram account to look fantastic. Here are some content ideas to consider

  • Behind the scene of your product packaging
  • Share a story about your business journey
  • Your workspace tour
  • Share your customer story/testimonial
  • Share a benefit of your products
  • Sneak peak of your new product
  • This or that questions
  • Let your audience as you a question
  • Introduce your teams to your audience
  • Share a reason behind your business name

instagram ads

Use Instagram ads

Instagram advertising should definitely be taken into consideration if you have money set up for paid social media. Why?

Over 1.2 billion people, or 20% of the world’s population over the age of 13, may see Instagram ads, according to 27% of users who say they discover new items and companies through paid social advertisements.
Did you know that one-third of consumers make direct purchases from Instagram advertisements? Nearly 80% of these customers have made purchases from brands on the platform that they are not even familiar with.Instagram offers many types of shoppable ads that let people browse and buy right in the app. It also offers creators and entrepreneurs:

  • Scalable pricing
  • Easy to use self-service ad creation
  • Refined audience targeting
  • Detailed reporting

ig marketing strategy

Instagram marketing strategy

Instagram is a very visual platform; you must be imaginative in what you choose to share. Aim to entertain, inspire, and inform your audience with content that is either fascinating or valuable to them.
Like any social media platform, your audience will interact and engage with your postings more the more you do the same for theirs. To organically increase interaction and tell the story of your company, think about spreading out the release of your finest content across a few days. Make sure you express your style and tone of voice by using a certain photography style and colour scheme that are a representation of you and your brand.
You need to try and project your personality and values through all your posts and build an Instagram ‘grid’ that reflects what you feel is important and relevant to your perfect target audience. This will attract loyal and like-minded potential customers.

instagram contest

Run an Instagram contest

Instagram contests are a particularly well-liked social media tactic, and with good reason. Because everyone enjoys the potential to win something, they can produce fantastic results.
You may host a wide range of various contests on Instagram. For the best outcomes and return on investment, many businesses will combine various contest ideas. Each gives its own special advantages.
Different types of contests you can run include:

  • Tag a friend in the comments. This is designed to have your new followers draw in their friends who may theoretically be interested in your business.
  • Follow us. This is often just a part of contest participation instead of it being the sole requirement of users, but it’s often an underlying goal for a lot of merchants.
  • Leave a comment. These contests are exceptionally easy to track, and because the barrier to entry is low, you’re likely to get plenty of participation.
  • Photo contests. It requires users to submit an original photo or video, either natively attached to a contest hashtag or through contest software. They provide the most valuable UGC, which you can then use on your own profile later.

Sign up for Instagram if that’s where your target market frequents. There are numerous strategies to market your services and create enduring connections with clients. Without a doubt!

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