How to do an Instagram Giveaway?

How to do an Instagram Giveaway?

1. Define Your Goals

define goals

Establishing a contest goal is the first stage. For instance, you might want to:

-Increase the interaction with your content posts.

-Expand your Instagram audience.

-Encourage more individuals to join your email list.

-The creation of user-generated content (UGC).

In general, contests are a terrific method to increase your Instagram followers and reach. Your existing audience shares your material with their friends when contest rules ask participants to “tag a friend in the comments,” as in the example in the previous post. Hence, they’ll enter your Instagram contest and tag their friends if their friends share your interests and like it. The number of your followers will thereafter increase rapidly.

A giveaway campaign can be a clever method to generate interest and enthusiasm for the debut of a new good or service. UGC is a potent approach for businesses who sell e-commerce products to create new material and get a fresh perspective on how their products are being used.

Instagram contests will typically increase the amount of engagement on your posts, which has several advantages for the Instagram algorithm. If your post does well, it can appear higher in hashtag searches, attracting the attention of new audiences. Additionally, if your audience engages with a contest post but isn’t generally attentive to your regular posts, it may temporarily move your regular material up in their feeds.

2. Set The Rules


Each contest has rules. It will be the same for you. Make sure they are clear and readable, whether they pertain to entry deadlines or what your followers must do to enter.

It may be preferable to mention the rules in the caption when posting about the contest on Instagram. Your followers will find them quickly if you do this.

It may be preferable to highlight any significant rules up front when promoting the contest on your website, a dedicated landing page, or other social media platforms. If this isn’t possible, point users to the caption of the giveaway post or another location where the rules may be listed.

Be sure to provide that information explicitly if your contest is exclusively limited to particular geographical locations.

3. Offer An Exciting PrizeĀ 


This part should be fun! Choose the thing that your fans will be vying for. It might be a specific item or group of items, a gift card, or something else. Make sure the prize you select for your Instagram contest is meaningful.

Make sure the award is associated with your brand as well. Random followers searching for a chance to win a fast buck will be attracted to general prizes like cash or Amazon gift cards. It works better to offer goods and rewards that are relevant to the theme of your page. It guarantees that anybody who participates in the contest and follows you is interested in what you do.

That will guarantee that plenty of leads see your page and that your loyal present followers are compensated!

4. Promote Your ContestĀ 

promote the giveaway

Once you’ve chosen what to give away, it’s time to let people know that you’re giving it away in the first place. Spread the word as much as you can about your Instagram contest. You should share it on Instagram Stories and any other social media channel that your company uses.

5. Announce The Winner and Follow Up

winner of giveaway

It’s time to notify the winner and get in touch with them when the promotion has concluded and you’ve received a tonne of entries. You can do this in private, but making a public announcement can help your contest and business look more credible by letting participants who didn’t win know that you kept your word.

To choose a winner at random and tag them on the social media site of your choice, use an automatic giveaway tool. Send them a DM as well so they are aware of the next steps and how to collect their prize.

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