Step by Step Guide to Create your E-Store under 60 Seconds

Every day, new businesses are born to the market. There are many struggling new businesses that are still finding the right platform to grow their business. Customers research online first, whether they want to buy online or in-store. Having an online presence helps make sure that potential customers find your product information and browse your product catalog online. With the eBiz app, no coding required and your e-store can be ready in 60 seconds only. We will walk you through the process of setting up your e-store, updating you on the latest features of the app.

step 1


Setting up Account & Registration

Open the app, enter your updated mobile number, wait for the one time password (OTP) and enter accordingly. Choose your preferred language and proceed to the next screen.

Input your business name and insert the referral code if you have any. Remember to choose your business type, Business or Personal. Choose your business category accordingly.

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edit profile

Edit your Profile

Fill in the necessary business information like name, address, category and save it. You can also set your business location through Google location service, within the application.

verify the account

Verification of Account

It is essential for you to be a verified merchant. As a verified merchant, you can accept online payments and integrate with delivery services. There are only three important information you need to input:

  • Bank Name
  • Bank account number
  • SSM / Identity card / Bank Statement Cover Page

add your products

Upload your First Product

Once your e-store is successfully created, upload your first ever product through the app. Input essential details like the product name, category, price, discount if any and the SKU. You are able to set the availability of stocks and when the stock is low in number.

Not only that, you can also choose to categorise the product to Most Popular, Current Promo etc.

NEW Feature, Product Add-ons
If you have any product add-ons, you can also input it accordingly. Ensure to input the add-on product details and price.

template settings

Customize Theme Settings with NEW Options

With the recent update of the eBiz app, there are three available theme settings that you can choose to suit your business design and preferences.

business hours

Setting Business Hours

Ensure that you update your business hours accurately. This is important to ensure that your customers are aware of your availability to receive the order, especially if your product is also sold on the Foodpanda platform. Guess what, if you have a food business, you can connect your business to Foodpanda, for FREE.

delivery & payment settings

Delivery & Payment Settings

With enhanced and new features, you can now customize your self delivery rate. You can set the minimum distance, maximum distance and the delivery charge accordingly.

As for payment settings, you can set or enable your type of payments, Online payment or DuitNow.


Ebiz app is upgraded from time to time for an enhanced customers’ e-commerce experience. For now, eBiz focuses on providing a 100% free, easy and reliable business platform. EBiz encourages the food merchants out there to market their product on eBiz and on Foodpanda for FREE. Stay tuned for more latest updates from eBiz!

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