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Create your business e-Store in 1 Minute

WhyQ eBiz app is a 100% free business app that is curated for any kind of business or services. It is a one-stop solution app for businesses to fully utilize it for the benefit and ultimately growth of their business. Many people now are very eager and enthusiastic to kickstart a business as the cost of living is getting higher and the need to have a side hustle is also equally important.

The e-commerce industry is an ever growing industry in the world. In 2020 itself, the income for e-commerce in Malaysia is recorded at RM896.4 billion, an increase of 32.7 per cent compared to 2019. On a quarterly basis, first quarter 2020 recorded RM195.9 billion and followed by RM216.9 billion in the second quarter. Meanwhile, for the third and fourth quarter 2020, income for e-commerce registered RM238.2 billion and RM245.4 billion, respectively. In the first quarter 2021, income for e-commerce recorded RM254.6 billion with an increase of 30.0 per cent year-on-year.


With the growth of the e-commerce industry, business owners need to catch up and be ahead of the game in their marketing and increasing their brand awareness to the market. Whether you do offline or online businesses, having an online brand presence will be an added advantage to your business. It is very essential to create an online buzz to your business, also focusing on your niche or target market.

For micro and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), they normally utilize the ‘free’ marketing platform like social media to promote and engage with their audiences. It is actually a very good approach if you’re aware of your unique selling point (USP), your target market and your content is very catchy and up to date. But, why settle for less, if you can get more and more with the 100% free WhyQ eBiz app.

How do you use the WhyQ eBiz app effectively?

1.Download the WhyQ eBiz app now
2.Input your details of business, name of company and type of business
3.Upload your most aesthetic products / services flyers and you have your e-store link now!



That is how simple and easy it is for you to download and create an e-store link for your business. We will share with you more of the tips & tricks of using the app in order to boost your sales gradually!

But, before that..do you know that you can be a verified vendor with only 3 basic documents? You will surely download the app and want to be our verified vendor now! You simply need an identity card, SSM registered number and your bank statement cover. What will you benefit by being our verified vendor? You will be able to use the online payment method and WhyQ delivery service which is Lalamove.

Aren’t you attracted yet? You should be! Try exploring a few functions within the app that will add aesthetics to your business e-store. You can customize your e-store with your own e-banners, managing the theme color and also create your own discount code using the template within the app. You need to make your e-store as enticing as possible to create a good first impression for people to visit your store. Everything is literally at your fingertips, you call the shots!

Within this one simple app, you basically can create your e-store, share it to your social networks, manage your orders and see your business grow in the market. The key is persistence in sharing your e-store link to your network! The more you share, the more people know your product, the more sales for you!

Download the WhyQ eBiz app now in the Google Store and App Store now.

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