8 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

What is Website Traffic?

How many people visit your website is shown by website traffic. Both the total number of pageviews and the total number of unique pageviews are frequently provided by analytics systems. Pageviews are the overall number of visits to your website, whereas unique pageviews show you the number of visitors, some of whom visited more than once and others just once.
According to the theory, your chances of converting website visitors increase as your website’s traffic increases.

optimize your website search

Optimize your Website for Search

When you first start out, concentrate on locating keywords that represent your specialty and use them as the foundation for your blog posts and store sites. Usually, you’ll decide to concentrate on one or two keyphrases each webpage. To locate appropriate keywords, you can use SEO tools like Keywords Everywhere.
Start out by concentrating on terms with less than 10,000 monthly searches. When you’ve spent a few months writing blog posts and perfecting your product pages, you may concentrate on pursuing keywords with higher search volume.
The secret to increasing website traffic is to first lay a solid foundation of pertinent keywords. Use your online store’s blog to its fullest potential as it can have the most influence on driving organic traffic to your website.

website backlinks

Build out your Backlinks

Backlinks are yet another crucial element of SEO. When another website links to yours, Google is informed that your site is reliable and pertinent to the keywords in the anchor text (the clickable words).
Backlinks have the potential to increase traffic to your store independently of SEO. On those sites, visitors may click through to yours to look around and, ideally, make a purchase.

write or publish guest post
Write or Publish Guest Posts

Think about publishing a guest article with a link to your own website on someone else’s website. Find a website that appeals to your target audience, create a blog post, and create a pitch to accomplish this. Additionally, you can ask others to contribute guest posts to your website. Then your guest host can publicise their appearance and increase website traffic.

Add new products or content to your website daily
It’s a good idea to update the material on your website frequently, ideally daily, as Google uses this as one of its ranking considerations.
But this is a wise decision that goes beyond SEO. Additionally, it encourages visitors to return frequently to your website. They are more inclined to visit your website if they believe there is anything new to learn about.

seo techniques
Implement Basic SEO techniques

The majority of referral traffic on the internet belongs to Google, and your website should reflect this fact. The good news is that providing your readers with valuable information is the main strategy to succeed on search. There are a few things you can do to make sure your material is prepared for SEO success even though Google is highly optimised to find the greatest content on the web:

  • Write Long-Form Content: Longer, original content ranks higher than shorter, aggregated content. Thorough and reliable posts are the foundation of good SEO.
  • Produce Quality Content: Google’s algorithm is continually changing, which frequently makes web traffic unpredictable. The possibility of a sudden drop in their search ranks might make content creators anxious. The greatest strategy to score highly in searches, according to Google’s main recommendation, is to produce informative material that benefits your users.
  • Optimize Your URLs: One of the best ways to make sure your content gets ranked on search is with short and easy-to-understand URLs. This can be an automatic SEO boost because Google crawls URLs verbatim. For example, if your article is about the best hotels and restaurants in Bali, you may want to make your URL slug “Bali travel tips.” For example: myhomepage.com/bali-travel-tips.
  • Fix Broken Links: Verify the functionality of each URL on your website. Your search rankings can be harmed by broken links.
  • Use Appropriate H1 Titles and Meta Descriptions: Your site’s readability for Google’s crawler will increase if your H1 title tags and meta data are properly set. Consult your webmaster about this.

diversify marketing tactics
Diversify your Marketing Tactics

Given that it is populated by large corporations, small Etsy shops, and everyone in between, the e-commerce sector is not an exception to the industry-wide problem of content saturation. Having a thorough awareness of your audience is the best defence against this symptom. This frequently entails reaching out to your target audience where they consume content and using those platforms to participate in novel attention-getting strategies.

Here are some pillars of e-commerce marketing today:

  • Email Campaigns: Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to start a targeted journey with your most engaged audience.
  • SMS Outreach: According to research, 70% of consumers have a brand’s SMS messaging service subscription. This can be a great way to connect with your most valuable customers where they are already hanging out—on their smartphones.
  • Customer Reviews: Offering trustworthy client testimonials is a fantastic method to encourage openness and raise the credibility of your goods.

blog or educational content
Start a Blog and Share Educational Content

Perhaps the easiest approach to bring natural traffic to your website is by blogging. A sophisticated blog content strategy is essential to develop in order to stand out from the crowd of blogs vying for the same visitors.
There is no one-size-fits-all formula for writing a blog post; instead, each industry, and even each topic within an industry, may have its own particular standards. Examine popular blogs in your industry and try out various content kinds to determine the best length, tone, strategy, and format for each blog post you write. Use the free plagiarism checker to ensure that your writing is 100% original, regardless of the genre you choose.

post to social media

Frequently Post to Social Media

Even if Google is the main source of site referral traffic, it’s crucial to grow your social media presence. According to HubSpot data, social media still accounts for 16% of referral traffic.
Your target demographic is active on social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook as well as other websites. These platforms are still fantastic for finding a naturally occurring audience that are already enthusiastic about your message and cause and are prepared to interact and even participate in your material.
Posting regularly makes your material more visible and increases the likelihood that social media algorithms will favour your postings. Make a content calendar to stay organised and make managing your social media activity easier.
Additionally, you should include social sharing icons on your website. Links to well-known social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are included in these graphic pictures. These facilitate social media sharing of your material by your readers.
Make sure to add captivating or intriguing photographs in your social media posts to increase click-through rates.

freshness of content

Keep Your Content Fresh

Content freshness is one of the main element’s algorithms take into account when ranking web pages. Google considers a website to be more relevant the more frequently it is updated. Keep updating it with fresh information, such as new reviews, descriptions, or data, whether it’s a blog post, landing page, or customer testimonial page.
This tells search engines that the page is actively being used, which will be helpful when it comes time for page crawling.


Remember that increased website traffic does not always translate into increased sales and profits. Use the traffic you drive to your website with intention. Prioritize your objectives and choose strategies and tactics that will help you attract qualified visitors to your website who will convert.