Get Your Parcels Right to Your Door

Get Your Parcels Right to Your Door

Everyone is pretty excited when receiving their parcels, especially items that they have shopped online and finally get to see. E-commerce businesses normally offer normal shipping, same-day delivery, or next-day shipping. The faster you want to receive the item, the more you need to pay, you call the shots!

Here are several ways to improve your delivery service as an e-commerce company.

variety of delivery options

1. Variety of delivery options

If you don’t already, make sure you add a number of delivery options for your customers to choose from. E-commerce businesses nowadays normally offer standard, next day and same day delivery, which comes with a certain cost. The more options you provide, the happier your customers will be.

The famous fashion brand  Fashion Valet even offer delivery within the next few hours, Grab Express for customers around Klang Valley. Customers that are busy or need the items urgently are willing to spend a little bit extra if they can get their orders fast. Understand customer is relatively important.

choose the right logistic company

2. Choose the right logistics company

Don’t simply look at the cost when choosing the right one for your company. You need to ensure you’re using an affordable yet reliable courier service in order to keep your customers happy.

If you can identify more than one good delivery service or courier company, then do offer it to customers for them to choose when they are ordering their items online.

Some small businesses may run their delivery service alone but once orders increase a courier is vital in order to take this stress away and allows you to concentrate on other parts of the business. Ultimately, it’s up to the capacity of your business to choose which delivery companies that are most cost effective.

tracking parcel

3. Tracking parcels

A large amount of orders can cause confusion which is why it is recommended that parcels are tracked. This allows the business to monitor every parcel that is sent out and if a problem occurs, this can be rectified quickly, as the last whereabouts of the parcel is known.

In Malaysia, the largest shipment tracking platform is and another great option is Pgeon Tracker. It will help to track any courier services shipment status from time to time. Once an order is placed and processed by the delivery company, customers can start checking on the shipment status.

In the case of small business owners, they will either send an image of the delivery labels to customers or send an email or text informing 

price of delivery

4. Price of Delivery

Customers particularly appreciate free or discounted delivery options. Many businesses offer free delivery if a customer spends a set amount. Store pickup is only applicable to certain e-commerce businesses. Brands included are Fashion Valet, Harvey Norman, Uniqlo, Apple and perhaps some others too.

You can also give special delivery offers to encourage and entice additional spending and attract more customers to your business. It could be the difference between a customer going elsewhere to purchase the same product. Although it may seem like you are losing out on money, reduced delivery prices could increase sales in the long run.

Customers are the most important factor in e-commerce businesses hence customer satisfaction must be the main priority in everything you do. This is no different when providing a delivery service.

Customers want communication from the beginning of their experience, ordering the item, status of delivery and expected date to receive the item. Hence, manage your delivery of products effectively as it not only gives satisfaction, but also adds value to overall clients’ shopping experience. 

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